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We have tried to include as many queries in our FAQ list as we could but there is always scope for improvement. So in case your queries are still not solved after reading this contact us offline.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for a 3D Object?
    We can provide you part quantity starting from one unit. We have no specific minimum order quantity requirement as such but have a minimum order value.
  • What software do you use for 3D Printing and 3D Designing?
    We use Solidworks 2020 from Dassaults Systemes for Industrial Designing and Blender for Organic Modelling. Apart from these we use multiple slicing softwares to convert the CAD into GCode for 3D Printing.
  • Where does the design and production occur?
    We process all the designing and production in-house at our office. We also have channel partners for certain critical processes and complex projects.
  • What is your average timeline for project completion?
    We have worked on projects whose turnaround time is few hours to few months. The project timeline depends on the complexity, project scope and production availability.
  • Do you provide design consultation interms of editing and revisions?
    We offer design consultation in order to optimize the part design so that its production ready. Our design team will also help you in creating a concept design from scratch.
  • What is the cost of your design consultation?
    There is a set standard process through which we calculate the project design pricing which depends on parameters primarily project timeline, complexity and scope.
  • How can I benefit from designing and prototyping?
    We have worked for a diverse set of customers and industries. Please check our case study section for some of our selective projects. You can also follow us on instagram for understanding different types of designing and prototyping jobs that we executed.
  • Why is design optimization necessary?
    Prototyping a part can be done using 3D Printing. Each 3D Printing process and the association machinery have a different result in terms of part surface finish, tolerance and mechanical strength. Thus, for each process we need to make sure the design has the requisite changes done before going for production.
  • What are the different types of material that you offer?
    We have standard list of materials with which we work usually. Please check our Material Library for your needs. In case, you have a different material requirement which is not present in list please contact us offline.
  • Our project is confidential in nature. How do you manage design privacy?
    All the designs uploaded on our website and shared with our team are stored in secured web servers and locations where there is no access to any third party applications. In case the project is highly confidential we undersign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We are responsive to the privacy needs and take all suitable steps to ensure the designs stay confidential between the company and you. Please go through our privacy policy page for further understanding.
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